Reinhold Bogner and Jorg Dorschner are natural born explorers in all aspects of life, art and culture. Who knew their chance meeting as mere kids in Ulm, Germany would link their futures together as partners in Bogner Amplification. Both were restless and seeking adventure when their separate journeys began with a move to Los Angeles, CA., meeting again halfway around the world and creating Bogner Amplification.

Since then, their world travels and excursions have lead visits to many continents, countries, cities and villages. All the people met, along with their cultures and customs, have made lasting impact and influence on Reinhold's and Jorg's souls, art and creative process.

From these distant and far reaching journeys come Bogner Amplification's inspiring sonic creations. Each design is just as unique, intriguing and vibrant as Reinhold's and Jorg's lives. The sounds and feel are organic, colorful and real, just like the earth you walk upon. So plug in, turn up and explore….



There must be something special in the electrons surrounding the city of Ulm, Germany, which is located between Stuttgart and Munich in the south of Germany. It's not only the birthplace of the iconic EL84 tube but also of famed amp designer Reinhold Bogner.

Reinhold grew up in a house filled with science, the love of electronic history and countless ancient analog electronic devices fueled by vacuum tubes. You see, his father Gerhard Bogner collected all manner of historic tube radios and audio test equipment made within the last 150 years. This was the era when tubes were found within just about every electric device.

His father, an engineer for Telefunken, also repaired TVs and transmitters for the military, kept piles of resistors, capacitors and, of course, endless vacuum tubes everywhere in the house. And perhaps, unknowingly, quietly passed down his sense of analog wonderment to his young son.

Rumor has it that Mullard and Brimar were some of Reinhold's first spoken words. And if they could have put baby milk into a big bottle KT88 tube, little baby Reinhold surely would have drunk from that multi-pin glass bottle. One time, as an unruly four year old, Reinhold tipped over a shelf filled with his fathers carbon comp resistors. The disciplinary direction, for creating the huge mess, was to memorize the resistor color code even before he could spell. You could say Reinhold was born with both the DNA and a hand-wired brain to love all things analog, esp tubes, and you'd be right.




1966 was the Chinese Year of the Fire Horse and saw the birth of Jorg Dorschner in Stuttgart Germany, where he lived before moving to Baubeuren near Ulm at three years of age. As a child he always loved singing and listening to music on his mono cassette tape recorder eventually learning to play the flute in his 5th grade music class. These early years were influenced by his parents, especially since his mother speaks 5 languages which resulted in a childhood of multi-cultural people, arts and music.

Jorg often watched his father work on electronic equipment around the house and was always intrigued with how things worked. His father was employed by Blaupunkt Telefunken before working at IBM and had suitcases full of tubes and electronic parts in the attic, so many that to this day Jorg still remembers the distinct smell, a smell he likes since it's full of history.

Growing up in the area of the famed Jugenhaus music scene was cool and unique. It was the sort of place with a bohemian hippy vibe where all types of live music events went down throughout the region. This was where his mother took him at age 13 to experience his first concert. It was while watching the band Blutgruppe that Jorg knew he would learn to play the guitar.

An Aria Les Paul was his first guitar bought used at age 14. He couldn't afford a case so to protect the guitar it was wrapped within the families tent bag for the 30 mile train ride back from the closest music store. No case also meant also no amplifier so for the first year he plugged into his stereo system. Soon after, Jorg had saved enough money to buy his first amp; a Peavey Bandit.




Chances are if you ever call Bogner Amplification you are going to speak with Charley Polacheck who has been helping Bogner and all our customers longer than any other employee. We're a small shop so Charlie wears a lot of hats here and switches effortlessly between overseeing production, Customer Support, Artist Relations and QC testing amplifiers. If that wasn't enough he's also an incredibly versatile and tasteful guitarist with great slide-guitar skills as well. Yep, he's a bit of a secret weapon and has played with some heavy cats as you'll soon see.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Charley began playing guitar at the age of 12. His passion for the electric guitar was fueled by the British invasion of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Yardbirds and Kinks. Since Milwaukee was so close to Chicago, he was also influenced by the great blues artists Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Howling Wolf since they would play local clubs. Maybe that helps explain his rootsy delta slide skills.

Not only is Charlie wired for music but he's also wired to understand how things work and his interests early on included electronics, photography and racing go karts on the Midwest IKF circuit. His love of cars led to the acquisition of, at the age of 16, a 1961 VW bug, which eventually led him to start a successful VW repair business.