1966 was the Chinese Year of the Fire Horse and saw the birth of Jorg Dorschner in Stuttgart Germany, where he lived before moving to Baubeuren near Ulm at three years of age. As a child he always loved singing and listening to music on his mono cassette tape recorder eventually learning to play the flute in his 5th grade music class. These early years were influenced by his parents, especially since his mother speaks 5 languages which resulted in a childhood of multi-cultural people, arts and music.

Jorg often watched his father work on electronic equipment around the house and was always intrigued with how things worked. His father was employed by Blaupunkt Telefunken before working at IBM and had suitcases full of tubes and electronic parts in the attic, so many that to this day Jorg still remembers the distinct smell, a smell he likes since it's full of history.

Growing up in the area of the famed Jugenhaus music scene was cool and unique. It was the sort of place with a bohemian hippy vibe where all types of live music events went down throughout the region. This was where his mother took him at age 13 to experience his first concert. It was while watching the band Blutgruppe that Jorg knew he would learn to play the guitar.

An Aria Les Paul was his first guitar bought used at age 14. He couldn't afford a case so to protect the guitar it was wrapped within the families tent bag for the 30 mile train ride back from the closest music store. No case also meant also no amplifier so for the first year he plugged into his stereo system. Soon after, Jorg had saved enough money to buy his first amp; a Peavey Bandit.

Even before he could drive Jorg started to play in rock bands at age 15 where his supportive mother would drive him to rehearsals. First starting with cover songs and then later on writing his own music which his band performed for years in local clubs and the regions many summer festivals. During this time he plugged into his first Marshall amp and initially had no idea what to do with it but quickly discovered it's nuances and special flavor.

Jorg always loved to design, build and repair anything his hands could touch. Naturally these interests were pursued and from 1982-86 he learned the profession as an Electro-Mechanic.

He took the challenging courses in physics, mechanics and electronics. Sponsored by the company Spohn & Burkhardt he worked with a wide range of industrial materials, either by hand or with machines such as mills, routers, drills, lathes and welders. He had to create schematics to wire detailed control panels and complex control rooms. He learned how to wind transformers by hand and assemble old school toggle switches. After the four year education he continued to work for two more years.

1987 was to be a very meaningful year for Jorg, as this was when he first met Reinhold Bogner. Word had been traveling around town about Reinhold's amp modifications so Jorg called him up to discuss what mods could be done. To Jorg's surprise, during their meeting, he remembered seeing Reinhold at many shows because of his unique afro-like hair and tight self-made pants.

In Germany, every male has to do either 12 month of Military service or with a court approval 20 months of social services. So in 1989 both of them worked in social services, with Jorg helping the disabled and elderly while Reinhold was hired as an ambulance driver, oddly he had no drivers license!

After finishing social services Jorg decided to study for one year in a foreign country. Being a member of Gema, Germanys  musicians union, he had access to their funds which support musicians studying overseas. In March 1991 Jorg left Germany heading to Los Angeles to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology aka GIT.

Once arriving in Hollywood Jorg reconnected with Reinhold who had already relocated to Hollywood two years earlier. In need of a place to live, Reinhold offered Jorg a room in his house in exchange for building amplifiers. After graduating Jorg decided to continue working with Reinhold and became an official partner in 1997.

Throughout  the years Jorg has done everything from building, testing and repairing amplifiers to purchasing and sourcing parts, accounting, customer service and sales. And to this day Jorg oversees the companies production operations, business affairs and all things Bogner related.