Fernando Pardo

Band: Sex Museum, Los Coronas

Fernando Pardo is a musician born in Madrid ( Spain ), on December 7th of 1964. Brother of musician and singer Miguel Pardo and husband of the organist Marta Ruiz.

He is best known for being a composer and guitarist of the rock group Sex Museum , with which leads from its founding in 1985. He also plays guitar in The Crowns (group he founded in 1991).

He has participated in specific projects as The Tubular Greens (backing band of guitarist Australian Kent Steedman of The Celibate Rifles ) and The Thunderbolts , band born as a tribute to Phil Lynott with Ross the Boss (of The Dictators and Manowar).

Besides as a musician and composer Fernando has worked as record producer on numerous occasions (including the most albums in which he participated as a guitarist).

Fernando Pardo