George Miadis

Band: Sonar Lights

George Miadis may have been born in Boston, MA, but his childhood was anything but that of a typical American. At the age of five George and his family returned to his parents homeland of Athens, Greece where he grew up. Taking in all that the cultural and musical diversity of the region had to offer, George began his love affair with music at an early age.

He began exploring and mastering a variety of musical instruments such as the guitar, bouzouki, oud, cumbus and many other eastern string instruments. He was only 12 years old when he enrolled the National Conservatorium in Athens for Classical Guitar and Music Theory and 16 when his guitar instructor encouraged him to join his Latin style musical ensemble as a rhythm guitar player.

While touring George met Yannis Spathas, who began to mentor him providing pivotal instruction on the electric guitar. Spathas, a former member of the 70’s band Socrates, offered George an eclectic range of experiences to share and explore and learn from allowing for further growth as a young and evolving musician. In 1996, at the age of 18, he moved to Belgium where he studied classical guitar and jazz drums for 4 years while attending the Royal Conservatorium of Gent. During this time, George performed as a member of the ethnic musical ensemble “Rust”. Entertaining fans in night clubs, bars and at music festivals, the ensemble toured Belgium, Holland, Germany and southern France.

Upon his return to Greece in 2000, he continued performing, playing the guitar and singing Greek folk music, in the nightclubs throughout Athens. Simultaneously, George also was collaborating with established Greek composers, showcasing his talents and leading to extensive nationwide television exposure.

In 2006, George made the move to the United States prompted by his enrollment as a student in Mediatech Institute, located in Dallas TX. His enrollment, resulting from his desire to grow as an artist and develop his sound engineering techniques, opened the door to many professional opportunities, including those for his original band. Due to his enormous talent, professionalism and potential, George was presented with an opportunity to assist Grammy award winning sound engineer, Tim Kimsey, in many studio sessions.

Through winter of 2008, George worked on his band’s self-titled album,“EpiTas”, where he brought all of his talents and skills to the forefront by engineering, producing and performing resulting in the albums released in April 2008. However, After two years of performing in local venues and festivals, “EpiTas” broke up. This end to “EpiTas” in early 2010 was merely the beginning as new doors for developing new sound and a different way of songwriting were opened up. Along with former EpiTas members, George formed a new band, “Sonar Lights”. Breaking with industry standards, “Sonar Lights” made waves with the successful release of their self produced and recorded EP and by fall of 2010. George is currently touring with “Sonar Lights” in the big state of Texas, lining up the recording of their entire album and preparing for a tour of Northern Europe. He also performs with “Under The Covers” a cover band he formed lately with Sonar Lights drummer and two other talented local musicians.

George Miadis