Bogner In The Studio with Prashant Aswani and Andy James

Bogner Ecstasy and Goldfinger amps in the studio with ESP artists Prashant Aswani and Andy James. It's a merging of their shred and heavy American and British musical styles that comes together while tracking The Last Train song which is available here on CdBaby.

Toto's Steve Lukather Ecstasy video!

Guitarist Steve Lukather is a founding member of Toto and iconic session musician. He's played on thousands of recordings including many hit records such as Michael Jackson's Thriller. And of course we all know the Toto hits Rosanna, Africa and Hold The Line. Steve and Reinhold Bogner meet up at Toto's rehearsal for the start of their 35th Anniversary tour to discuss a range of topics including his use of Bogner Ecstasy 101b amps. Also, be sure to check out Steve's latest solo release "Transition" available here on iTunes.

Cinderella's Tom Keifer with guitarist Tony Higbee on tour!

We all know Tom Keifer as the singer/guitarist for the band Cinderella. Well he's just released a new solo CD entitled "The Way Life Goes" which is getting rave reviews. Playing guitar with Tom on tour is guitarist Tony Higbee from Nashville, TN. Tony has been a long time supporter and user of Bogner amps favoring the EL34 Shiva and Bogner 4x12 cabinet which he is using on tour. Check for tour dates at Tom Keifer's site here. 

Reinhold, Jorg and Greg V. went to their recent show at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills which is close to L.A. Greg V. brought his camera along to capture the concert. Enjoy!

New Justin Derrico Rig videos Part 1 and 2 !

Spent some time with guitarist Justin Derrico at his home studio. He goes in-depth about his Tone Merchants Rack Systems custom switching system, effects and Bogner amps that he uses on tour with Pink and The Voice TV Show. It's quite inclusive so grab a tuna sam'mich, a cold Mountain Dew and dig it!

Getting high up in the Hollywood Hills with Smash Mouth

Check out the new video of guitarist Sean Hurwitz playing a Bogner Ecstasy amp and 4x12 cabinet for a performance with Smash Mouth "Walking On The Sun" high up in the Hollywood Hills for VH1.

In the studio with Argentina's Los Enanitos Verdes

One of Argentina's most loved and acclaimed bands; Los Enanitos Verdes, was in Los Angeles to record their most recent record "TIC TAC". Jorg Dorschner and Greg V. from Bogner Amps visited the band at Igloo recording studio and, of course, Greg brought his camera along to capture some studio footage. As you'll see, there are lots of Bogner amps used for the record. Also, Los Enanitos Verdes are some of the nicest and most talented guys you'd ever want to meet. So enjoy the video and check out their site here!

New Yorker demo video

Circuit boards look like little cities. All the different components at various heights kind of look like the skyline of a bustling metropolis. So, of course, with this demo of Bogner's "New Yorker" amp Greg V. knew right away the kind of visuals he was going for. Check it out!

Bogner announces four new Transformer loaded pedals.


Bogner Amplification debuts a new line of groundbreaking pedals. Reinhold's innovative design places an audio transformer at the heart of the circuitry in these pedals. The custom transformer adds a stunning, three dimensional quality, similarly found in Bogner's tube amplifiers and in legendary British mixing consoles of the 1960's. The result is a harmonically rich, buttery tone and feel which is nothing short of a sonic symphony. Click the picture below for a larger view.

HARLOW - Boost with bloom control

OXFORD -  Flexdrive

WESSEX - Overdrive

BURNLEY - Distortion

Bogner transformer pedals

Alice In Chains - Jerry Cantrell Articles

Check out the May 2013 Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazine articles featuring Jerry Cantrell on the cover. He discusses the new AIC release and using his Bogner Fish preamp and Uberschall amp in the studio.

New Mephisto demo video with a surreal twist!

Here's Bogner's newest video for our Mephisto amp which features two iconic vintage style amps in one chassis, one is an EL84 and the other a 6V6. It's parallel amp switching that allows you access to each amp separately or combine them for even more sonic shape shifting possibilities. 18 watts of power and available as head or Celestion loaded 1x12" combo. Take a magical and surreal journey with the Mephisto!


Atma amp on the cover of Premier Guitar!

The Bogner Atma amp is featured on the April cover of Premier Guitar magazine and in their new article "Wham, Bam, Thank You, NAMM!" which you can check out here.

Bogner pedals win Premier Gear award!

Our Bogner Ecstasy Blue and Red pedals win Premier Guitar's "Premier Gear" award, their highest rating. Check out the detailed review right here at Premier Guitar!

More from Brazil - Goldfinger videos!

Here's some great organic Goldfinger 90 tones from the supremely tasteful Brazilian guitarist Ricardo Marins. Here's a few videos of his killer musical playing!!

From Brazil - new Ecstasy Red pedal video

Check out the new video of Brazilian guitarist Andre Nieri as he puts our Bogner Red Ecstasy pedal through a range of great tones.

Live from Japan Steve Lukather and Bogner amps stage pics

Here are a few pics of Steve Lukather's touring rig from Japan featuring Bogner amps. He's using our standard Ecstasy 101B which features el34 power tubes and two 4x12 straight Bogner cabinets loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

Premier Guitar's ATMA video from NAMM

Check out Premier Guitar's NAMM Show video featuring our new Atma amp. There's also a brief demo of our Blue, Red and Ecstasy pedals. Enjoy!

The Atma amp should be shipping in aprox 4-6 months. Street prices are $1599 for the head and $769 for the matching cabinet.

Bogner's on You Tube, Facebook and Twitter! Like and Follow Us!

Hit these links to follow Bogner Amplification on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook and receive all updates immediately as they are posted. Be sure to help us spread the news to all your friends too so we can grow the Bogner family, thanks very much!

NAMM Show video

Another winter NAMM show has come and gone and here's a montage of the good times. Musical tones courtesy of our newest amp model - ATMA.

Bogner's newest amp - ATMA - is released for NAMM 2013

Bogner's newest amp - ATMA - is released for NAMM 2013. See and hear it in our booth 5856 Hall B.

Update: The Atma amp should be shipping in aprox 4-6 months. Street prices are $1599 for the head and $769 for the matching cabinet.

One's soulful essence meets at the nexus of past and future. Where old tradition morphs into new and iconic tools are re-envisioned for the modern hand. This is our newest creation - Atma.

The effortlessly smooth and rounded corners are perhaps the first detail noticed of Atma's unique hybrid aluminum and wood construction. Not only is it a beautiful artistic statement that's incredibly strong and durable but it also delivers detailed midrange and tonal clarity. Light weight, portable and evolved, the sophisticated Atma is equally comfortable on a greasy juke-joint stage or penthouse apartment over-looking the shimmering & pulsating lights of any metropolis. A thin aluminum outer-shell allows for considerably smaller sizes for traveling light while the timber speaker baffle board projects classic organic tones.

Within Atma you can feel the influence of Reinhold Bogner's grandfather, who owned an aluminum factory, as well as his respect for famed industrial designer Dieter Rams. This was the modernist era of air-stream travel-lodges, glass walled homes and experimental materials used on futuristic concepts. And once again, past design ideas and approaches are being challenged and pushed forward by Reinhold Bogner and Atma.

Atma includes:

- el84 power tubes for 18 watts

- ec81 rectifier tube

- aluminum head shell and speaker cabinet (baltic birch-ply baffle board)

- three channels: clean, crunch and lead channels. clean has a balanced tone control while crunch and lead channels share gain, treble, middle and bass eq controls. channels are accessed via the foot-switch or front panel three-way selector switch

- crunch channel has gain pot on back panel to control gain structure from crunch to lead gain levels

- three-way switch for 60's, 70's, 80's gain, voicing and compression. 80's mode is great for attaining hi-gain tube saturation at bedroom levels with inspiring feel and tone

- three way bright switch

- power attenuation from 18w, 5w or 1w

- effects loop with send and return jacks








Mephisto Amps are shipping and You Tube video!

Here's our latest video starring the Mephisto which has just started to ship. The first dealers receiving amps are listed below. So what exactly does Mephisto mean? - it's an immortal entity possessing magical powers and abilities gained by manipulation of the forces of magic.

In Bogner's case it's a cool vintage styled 20 watt amp that features two parallel amps in one chassis - the iconic tweed 6v6 and British el84. You can switch between the amps or combine the two for a whole new range of tones. There's also a very musical and foot switchable power attenuator to lower the volume while still retaining a great lively tone.

For more amp details check out the Mephisto here.

The following dealers have had Mephisto's shipped to them with more to ship very soon!

Guitar Resurrection 

813 Morrow Street 

Austin TX 78757 

512 478-0095 

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Matt's Music Center

1597 Main Street

Weymouth, MA 02190

800 723-5892

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Washington Music Center

11151 Veirs Mill Rd.

Wheaton, MD 20902

301 946-8808

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Willie's American Guitars 

254 Cleveland Ave. So. 

St. Paul MN 55105 

651 699-1913 

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it







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