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Ecstasy amp - A Sonic Journey

For your viewing & listening pleasure - a bit of a surreal mind-trip with the Bogner Ecstasy amp taking you to the edge of light. Can you dig it??

Blue pedal recorded direct into PC - no amp or speaker used

Tasteful Japanese guitarist Hiroshi Hasegawa plugs his Blue pedal directly into his computer and records without any amps or speakers. Here's his signal chain: 1974 Fender Strat > Ecstasy Blue >  Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 >  Winxp Cubase. IR cabinet simulator, echo from Cubase. Enjoy his two videos!

Shiva's in Brazil

The wonderfully gifted and talented Brazilian guitarist Andre Nieri extracts a wide range of tones found within the Shiva. Andre's playing is beautiful and shows an incredible control of technique, time, rhythm, phrasing and soul. His playing approach is unexpected, unpredictable and never cliche or contrived. There's something uniquely special about his playing and he's just getting started. So remember his name, Andre Nieri, because we'll all be hearing much more from him.

New Blue and Red pedal video

Here's a new video featuring the Blue and Red Bogner pedals by the talented Pete Thorn. Check it out!

Part 2 of Justin Derrico Interview - Performance

Check out Part 2 of the exclusive visit we had with Pink's guitarist Justin Derrico. Reinhold Bogner finds out what Justin's using for Pink's tour and his gear used on the hit TV show The Voice. Plus hear a few tunes played live from his solo CD - Boldly Going Nowhere.

And in case you missed Part 1 of Justin's interview - performance, here it is!

New Barcelona amp demo video

Flamenco dancing on top of a 4x12 speaker cabinet, impossible, right?? Well we gave it a try while playing a vintage Jazzmaster through the new Bogner "International series" Barcelona amp in the newest demo. Watch guitarists Lance Konnerth and Greg V. take the Barcelona for a sonic trip with various guitars, with and without pedals.

40 watts of hi-headroom 6ca7 tube power (switchable to 20 watts) makes for a great pedalboard platform or crank it up for iconic rock tones. The master volume and gain controls, pull fat, 3-way mid switch and eq dial in all the tones in between. Perfect small size and light weight makes for easy transport with big tone capabilities.

Barcelona Amps are in stock at the following dealers:

Guitar Resurrection
813 Morrow St
Austin, TX
512 478-0095

Guitar Center Platinum Room
9647 E. County Line Rd.
Englewood, CO
303 858-0858

Palermo amp video demo

See the new Palermo video with Greg V. demoing the amps features and various tones. 18 watts of 6v6 classic organic vibe and tone with a 1/2 power switch to 9 watts and four position Schizo switch. The Palermo is also available in a 36 watt el34 version.

Here are a few dealers with Palermo amps currently in stock:

King Guitar
East Greenwich, RI
401 541-9041 

TrueTone Music
Santa Monica, CA
310 260-1415

Rudy's Music on 48th Street
New York, NY
212 391-1699

Journey's Neal Schon using Bogner

Watch the new videos from Journey's Neal Schon solo CD release The Calling. Amongst his tones and gear used are a Bogner Shiva, cabinets and Alchemist. Here's a video that shows Neal's studio rig for the sessions:

Newest Dealer - Jelyfinger Guitars

Bogner Amplification would like to welcome our newest dealer Jelyfinger Guitars to the Bogner family! We just shipped their order of two Shiva 20th Anniversary heads with matching 212c closed cabinets in custom tolex: one in Snakeskin, see pic below, and the other matching set in Ivory (white) colored tolex.

We also shipped Jelyfinger a box of Ecstasy Red, Blue and Uberschall pedals.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(863) 701-3538
1108 Longwood Oaks Blvd.
Lakeland, FL. 33811

Shiva Snakeskin tolex

Uberschall Pedal video demo

Watch our brand new official Uberschall pedal demo video! Hear sounds that range from extreme heavy to lower gain organic tones. Compare the Ubershcall tones with the Ecstasy Red and Blue videos to discover your favorite tonal inspiration.

As of November 1st all the pedals are shipping and available at US Bogner pedal dealers.

Ecstasy Red pedal video

We just added an in depth video of the Ecstasy Red pedal. Once more Irwin Thomas will take you through the features, feel free to watch the Ecstasy Blue pedal video again to hear the difference. The Uberschall pedal video is in editing and will be available soon.

All pedals will be available November 1st at all US Bogner dealers."

Ecstasy Blue pedal demo video

Check out the brand new Bogner Ecstasy Blue pedal video demo. Guitarist Irwin Thomas takes the Blue through all of its features and wide sonic range.

Also, be sure to come to the LA Amp Show and play through the entire pedal line this Sat 10/6 and Sun 10/7 10am to 6pm

Located at the Airtel Plaza Hotel

7277 Valjean Avenue

Van Nuys, CA 91406

New Website!

Everyone here at Bogner Amplification is excited to finally unveil our new website and we hope you really like it !! Lots of content is finally available for you all to view including many details, specs and pics of our entire product line. Of course, many more updates will be coming very soon so please check back often.

New Pedals

The new line of pedals from Bogner Amplification will be available very soon. We can hardly wait ourselves so in the meantime check out the link to our YouTube video demo of the Ecstasy Blue, Ecstasy Red and Uberschall pedals to get an idea of what may inspire you!


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