Sergio Sancho


Sergio is a very talented musician and wonderful person, it was great to hang out with him. Please checkout his CD Smoke as well as the Duende videos.

He considers himself as "the eternal student." His passion for teaching, encouraging you to explore all musical visions that come to your hands and ears.

Born in Madrid in 1976, discovered his interest in music and guitar at 8 years old. He studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, Creative Music School, Ateneo Jazz Madrid. But where Sergio is becoming a musician, is on stage and in people who are crossing on your way.

Musically has moved many styles that were feeding the musician. But it was the discovery of the three major influences from Sergio, Robben Ford, Jim Campilongo and Bill Frisell, which have been outlined it is today.

Professionally recorded and works with many artists within the national music scene, highlighting its passage by Confederates, Nacho Campillo and Vanessa Martin.

He currently combines his work as guitarist and musical director of the band Vanessa Martin, with his solo project, with which he has seen the light of his first work, "Smoke". In which shares the stage with musicians, whom he admires and a great friendship. Musicians such as José Mena, Salva López, Carlos Sanchez de Medina and Arturo Ruiz.

Another very important part in the musical life of Sergio, is teaching. Over ten years of industry experience, we have made elaborate security purchase the full program of guitar in the IMT of Madrid with their own methods. After three years of teaching their own methods, and following a review of the material, knowing the results offered, adding a CD with backing tracks examples and exercises, Sergio has been released to self-release of their methods, where you find samples and how to acquire them in the Lessons section. Currently has edited two of them "Improvisation 1 and 2".

Sergio Sancho