Mike Carroll

Band: Folding The pages

Emerging from New Jersey featuring member Mike Carroll, Folding The Pages first release by Tate Music Group (TMG) on June 10th 2014 with Sony Distribution brings you pop arrangements, catchy melodies, and explosive guitars. The band's influences range from pop to punk with a dark side that's pleasing for any rock music fan. For fans of Daughtry, Anberlin, Rise Against, Paramore, Green Day just to name a few, Folding The Pages will have you singing along, in a good way.

"Characterized by vocalist/guitarist Mike Carroll's stark lyrics and the bands seemingly contradictory pop arrangements, Words Away has made a beautiful mess of whats thought to be punk. The result, most recently documented on the bands EP, SECRETS UNKEPT (Faction Zero Recordings), is something refreshing a blend of meaty riffs, reflective meanderings, and well-placed aggression. The new disc also reveals a much darker side of the band (including drummer Dylan Gadino and bassist George Dossantos) that will please fans of rock, screamo and hardcore. It was recorded at Trax East Studios (The Starting Line, Lifetime, Snapcase, God Forbid, etc.) Mastered at the Blasting Room by: Jason Livermore (Rise Against, NOFX, Lagwagon) Aquarian editor Al Muzer had this to say about Words Away: This loudn'fast NJ trio careen between straight-on hardcore riffage, hard metal swagger and melody-based punk/pop that bring to mind a diverse collection of possible influences including Husker Du , Black Flag, Bad Religion, Art Alexis, Green Day, Nirvana, Tool. Words Aways excellent songwriting and blistering live shows the band has shared the stage with: Hidden in Plainview, Catch 22, Ensign, Badfish, (Sublime Tribute), Vision, Roses Are Red, The Pietasters, The Teen Idols, Big D And The Kids Table, Voodoo Glow Skulls and more - has led to a few nice byproducts:Carroll has landed a sponsorship with Bogner Amplification while Dossantos a pro BMX rider is sponsored by Red Bull. You wont find one tattoo on any of the three members of Words Away. Its worth a mention -- if you'd like to pick them from a crowd at a Jersey punk show, where disinterested youths not-so-subtly splay their body art to wow high-school aged girls out of their white cloth belts. With a split EP, a full-length album, and a brand new EP to their credit -- this trio formed in North Jersey in June 2002 has gained a reputation for being not so punk. Since their inception they've let their music -- and little else speak for itself.

Mike	Carroll