Arnold Schmidt

Band: Crave and Wonder

Arnold was born and raised in Germany. When he saw Elvis Presley on TV at the tender age of 11, he knew he had to have a guitar too.

Arnold first studied with German acoustic guitar virtuoso Peter Luce. However, Arnold soon discovered British Blues, and the sheer musical power of Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore. Soon enough, he switched to electric guitar and joined his first rock band. The hair grew longer, the fingers more adept, and many gigs and demo recordings followed, until he left Germany to attend GIT, the Guitar Institute in Hollywood, CA in 1990.

Immersing himself in all kinds of music styles, Arnold made Los Angeles his new home.

His current project, Crave and Wonder is a collaborative effort with Louisiana native singer / songwriter Debbie Dragna, featuring Americana influenced roots music with a good dash of hard-rock and some blistering guitar playing.

Arnold Schmidt