Flamenco dancing on top of a 4x12 speaker cabinet, impossible, right?? Well we gave it a try while playing a vintage Jazzmaster through the new Bogner "International series" Barcelona amp in the newest demo. Watch guitarists Lance Konnerth and Greg V. take the Barcelona for a sonic trip with various guitars, with and without pedals.

40 watts of hi-headroom 6ca7 tube power (switchable to 20 watts) makes for a great pedalboard platform or crank it up for iconic rock tones. The master volume and gain controls, pull fat, 3-way mid switch and eq dial in all the tones in between. Perfect small size and light weight makes for easy transport with big tone capabilities.

Barcelona Amps are in stock at the following dealers:

Guitar Resurrection
813 Morrow St
Austin, TX
512 478-0095

Guitar Center Platinum Room
9647 E. County Line Rd.
Englewood, CO
303 858-0858