Check out the official Bogner demo video of our new Helios and Atma amplifiers played by the insanely talented guitarist Doug Rappoport, from Edgar Winter's band, during the L.A. Amp Show. For more on Doug see his site here.

HELIOS delivers Rock's deepest roots with 40 years of iconic and modified plexi tones. Features: hand-wired turret board construction with two foot switchable channels and foot switchable FX loop/boost. Available as 50 or 100 watts with EL34 power tubes. 

After countless requests Reinhold Bogner revisited his vast amount of detailed notes that go back in time from three decades of archiving, modifying and designing amplifiers. Through this treasure of documents lives the aural mojo of clients such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, Jerry Cantrell, George Lynch, Michael Landau + others. 

HELIOS retail prices: $2849 100 watt and $2549 50 watt 

Our ATMA amp offers a huge range of features in small, easy to carry modernist design. Three channels: clean, crunch and solo, along with the three gain  60's, 70's, and 80's are powered by two EL84 power tubes that deliver 18 watts. Plus there's an effects loop and attenuator that switches power from 18, 5 and 1 watt. All housed in a sleek modern aluminum head shell and chassis. The matching cabinet is also aluminum with a baltic birch wood baffle board. 

ATMA street prices: $1599 head and $769 for the matching cabinet