The insanely talented guitarists Doug Rappoport, from Edgar Winter's band, Jamie Scott from 3rd Power Amps, Adam Stark and Rich Maze demo the new ATMA amp at the L.A. Amp Show. Give a listen to the wide range of tones and gain choices in this sleek new amp.

Our ATMA amp offers a huge range of features in small, easy to carry modernist design. The ultimate bedroom to stage amplifier with an attenuator that switches power from 1, 5 or 18 watts.Three channels: clean, crunch and solo, along with the three gain voicings:  60's, 70's, and 80's are powered by two EL84 power tubes that deliver 18 watts. Plus there's an effects loop and  modern / vintage switch. All housed in a sleek modern aluminum head shell and chassis. The matching cabinet is also aluminum with a baltic birch wood baffle board.

 ATMA street prices: $1599 head and $769 for the matching cabinet