Here’s a classic tale that just so happens to be true….

So there’s this kid growing up on the tough streets of Cleveland in a world most of us will never know. And he escapes into the sonic jet stream of music when he decides to play guitar. Hours turn into years and those years turn him into T-Rex on his instrument. Ferocious and hungry, T-Rex moves to Music City - Nashville TN to become one of the most respected and recorded guitarists in that town's history….

To hear Tom Bukovac play is to hear artful truth. No jive notes and no pretension, just pure “soul power” roaring as a T-Rex should. Listen to Tom Bukovac play. Not because he uses Bogners as part of his arsenal but because his beautiful playing elevates and always serves the song - the song of life around us.

Tom’s been out on the road with Trigger Hippy and here’s a fun shot of him with his Bogner Goldfinger 45 and 2x12 cabinet. Lots to discover of him on You Tube but the video below is a nice start to hear his nuanced touch, time, feel and phrasing.