Watch our first official demo for the new Bogner 50's Vintage Humbucker pickups. The video features killer guitarists Eric Steckel and Joel Whitley at the 2014 LA Amp Show. The pickups were installed in an LsL Tele style guitar and played through our 100 watt Helios by Eric while Joel played through the Goldfinger 45 watt amp.

Bogner Amplification has partnered with renown and highly respected Arcane Pickups for our exclusive line of 50's Vintage style humbuckers. 

Designed by Bogner and built by Arcane Pickups here in Los Angeles, each pickup is wound on a vintage machine and features the finest quality components. Our 50's Vintage Humbucker delivers clear, balanced and sweet cleans. When pushed hard, you’ll hear and feel dynamic, articulate and harmonically rich overdriven tones. 

Available to order direct from our website!!


- Bridge; Alnico II at 8.5k output
- Neck; Alnico III at 7.9k output
- Traditional or F spacing
- 2 or 4 conductor wiring
- Nickel covers available as distressed, raw or polished
- Bogner “B” etched on the cover
- Individually hand-stamped serial number