Guitarist Eric Steckel is a rare breed. Just a few years ago he was a teenage blues-rock prodigy ripping up a storm along the east coast. Unfortunately many of these young prodigies suffer the same fate in that they never evolve musically or develop a unique voice. Eventually disappearing into the cluttered graveyard of the so-called “gifted.”

Not Eric, he never exited onto that dead-end road. But what he did do was push himself and kept pushing to learn more about all kinds of music, discovering his voice plus becoming an accomplished Hammond B3 organ player. Now in his early 20’s, Eric has released several solo CDs and is annually touring Europe  ripping up festival stages. Eric is a good cat, extremely talented, dedicated to his music and just getting started - and that’s a fierce combination. Eric Steckel is a rare breed indeed and you can discover more about him on his site here.

Eric uses and loves his Ecstasy Amp and here's what he had to say about it:

"Bogner Amps have my back at every show. I never have to think about it. Plug in, flip the switch, and bam! I'm in tone heaven. And did I mention they look freakin' beautiful on stage too? The Ecstasy Blue Channel IS my sound." Eric Steckel