Chicago is a treasure of a city. The cold winters, hot summers, tough streets and proud blue color work ethic deliver us a fierce, no jive, “show us what ya got” kind of town. The meek can’t survive there only the truly badass do and they always carry a deep soulfulness in their hearts. And if they ever leave, the artful gifted hearts they bring are one of Chicago’s greatest exports.

Geo, aka Jorge Evans, is one of those badass exports. A killer guitarist whose hands carry deep raw groove and, equally, the heaviest thunder of his crushing Bogner Ecstasy and Uberschall amps. A rare combination for sure but he pulls it off with ease. Since the earliest days Reinhold Bogner and Geo have been friends and has been using Bogners as part of his tone arsenal ever since.

Music SCREAMS! louder than words and Geo’s got something to say. His new project RNM - “Race No More” is big, bold and demands attention. Music carries emotions and at it’s best carries a deeper more resonant message. RNM’s first single and video “STAND” deserves such attention and its message should be heard and shared. Dig it and STAND!