Watch the raw and rootsy guitarist Nazim Chambi play our newest amp the soulful Telos. Telos is a handwired evolution of vintage blues, classic rock, and screaming modified high gain tones from a duet of tube rectified 6L6 power tubes with 40 or 20 watt settings.

Features include:

- 6L6 power tubes, 40 or 20 watt settings
- single channel with full eq and switchable volumes
- Six position Schizo switch selects various eq and gain voicings.
- Three button footswtich accesses: 2nd master volume, gain boost (preset high or low), fx loop.
- Super transparent foot switchable volumes that sound great at bedroom volumes.
- Tube rectifier for vintage feel and sag but we also include a solid-state rectifier for a tighter punchier feel.
- Tube buffered FX loop.
- Line out
- Smaller size that's easy to carry.